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Hawaii Black Sand Beach

Hawaii is more than just another beautiful island. Hawaii is a place where myth and science intersect to reveal meaning and help us understand our world and universe. Hawaii is a place where uniquely adapted plants and animals, like the scarlet-red ʻIʻiwi honeycreeper, exist at the brink of extinction. Hawaii is a place where the world’s two largest mountains rise from the sea to create deserts, rainforests, and a subtropical permafrost. Hawaii is a place where native and introduced plants, animals and people dynamically interact in one of nature’s greatest classrooms.

Hawaii Forest & Trail knows that a great tour begins with a great guide, and has hand-selected a roster of friendly, knowledgeable and capable interpretive Guides. Their job is to share with you the natural and cultural wonders of Hawaii, while ensuring your complete comfort and safety. When selecting our guides we don’t just go after the most knowledgeable people we can find. We look for those with a special curiosity, a thirst for learning, and the passion to share the wonders of Hawaii with others. At Hawaii Forest and Trail we focus on interpretation; not regurgitating facts from a script, but actually showing- not telling what makes our home special.

“An HFT nature adventure is a special experience for several reasons but first and foremost it’s about team of interpretive guides.  Our guides are what set us apart from the competition. Every guide has a deep passion for Hawaii nei, the natural world, and sharing our remarkable island home. Our guides are part ur, Naturalist, Host, and Interpreter. Their job is to help our guests make emotional and intellectual connections to the nature of Hawaii–to make sure our guests love what we love about Hawaii! It’s a tough job (really!) but someone has to do it”

Rob Pacheco, Founder  & CEO of Hawaii Forest & Trail

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