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The Ho’omālama Initiative encompasses Hawaii Forest & Trail’s commitment to nurture our staff through development opportunities, to conserve our natural resources with sustainable management practices, and to connect with stakeholders in our community. The seed for this growing initiative was planted in 2008 when Hawaii Forest & Trail launched e ho’omaluō, a program dedicated to promoting the responsible management and conservation of Hawai’i’s natural resources.  With time, the scope of this program has broadened to include programs that invest in our staff and  community.  We believe that by sharing our love for Hawaii’s natural world we can inspire a deep connection between people and place, which in turn leads to a commitment to the conservation of Hawaii Nei.  We welcome you to learn more about our programs and join us as stakeholders in the future of Hawai’i.

Ho’omālama Programs

e ho’omaluō, : Conserve our natural resources

  • Environmental Protection: Hawaii Forest & Trail and Kohala Zipline favor reusable, returnable, and recycled/recyclable goods.  Meals and snacks served on tour are served in reusable containers, and all beverage containers are recycled.
  • Sustainable Management:  In addition to natural history interpretation, guests also receive information regarding local culture, ecosystems, and local economy.   Appropriate codes of behavior are in place to ensure accurate and appropriate information is shared with guests regarding local communities, resources, and ecosystems.
  • Stewardship Projects:  Ongoing Stewardship Projects at our tour locations include invasive species removal at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, bird count surveys at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Pu’u O’o rainforest and Pu’u La’au dry forest and the restoration of a Hawaiian Lo’i in Kohala.


Community OutreachIMG_20150804_145656274

  • Philanthropy: We contribute to the community through in-kind and outreach programs focused on conservation, including the Grow Hawai’i Festival, Hakalau Forest NWR Open House, Waikoloa Dryland Forest Initiative, the Hawaii Conservation Conference, and more.
  • Community Support:  Hawaii Forest & Trail and Kohala Zipline donate over $28,000 in services annually to local community organizations that are aligned with our Vision and Mission.
  • Strategic Partnerships:  Hawaii Forest & Trail and Kohala Zipline are proud to partner with several local, national, and international organizations devoted to conservation and sustainable tourism.  Some of those organizations include the Nature Conservancy, Division of Forest & Wildlife, Hawaii Ecotourism Association, Friends of Hakalau Forest, Kohala Project Venture, and the World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism.
25Feb 16

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