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Gorgeous Day, Except Kona

Good Afternoon

Today was a gorgeous day on the Big Island, well, except for Kona. Today Kona had one of those hazy, lazy skies filled with water vapor that makes everything look thick. But my goodness, drive north just a bit, and the view was brilliant. Kohala, Waimea, and Hilo (from staff reports) had that crisp, clear, and pristine essence that makes you mention several times throughout the day how beautiful it is. The trades were blowing mighty, Haleakala rose clearly across the channel, and even Kahoolawe could be seen from Mamalahoa Highway. The summits and flanks of Kohala, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa were free of any clouds. Yes, we need rain, but days like this brighten the soul and powerfully remind us of what a masterpiece our island home really is. I hope you got to experience it.

With Aloha,

Rob P.
Posted by Rob Pacheco at 11:27:35 PM in Blogs by Rob Pacheco, HFT Founder (16) | Comments (1)

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