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The Maunakea Summit & Stars Giveback tour combines our popular Maunakea Summit & Stars experience with an added volunteer opportunity to benefit the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative!  Our journey from sea level, through an endangered dry forest, and to the nearly 14,000-foot summit of Maunakea reveals the wonders and world-class clarity of the Hawaiian night sky.

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The Give-Back Tour has limited availability. If it doesn’t match your travel plans, our Maunakea Summit & Stars runs more frequently.

Maunakea Summit & Stars Highlights:

  • Depart earlier than our standard Mauna Kea Summit and Stars to make a stop at a rare and endangered native dry forest habitat.
  • Participate in conservation work such as seed collection, while learning about The Waikoloa Dry forest Initiative and how they are revitalizing a Hawaiian critical habitat.
  • $20.00 of the ticket price from each guest is donated directly to the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative to perpetuate their conservation work.
  • Enjoy a warm picnic dinner.
  • Delight in the awe-inspiring Hawaiian sunset at the top of Maunakea, the highest point in the Pacific
  • Sip hot chocolate during a private star show with our high powered telescope
  • View deep space objects with our Stellina digital telescope and share captured images of the Hawaiian night sky with your friends & family

Please read restrictions and FAQ carefully before booking this experience.

Time: Tour is approx.  8-9 hours. Travel time round-trip is approx. 3.5 hours from Waikoloa resorts

Restrictions: Guests should be able to do short walks on uneven or rocky terrain. Weather changes can occur quickly, and the access road to the summit can close without warning; therefore we cannot guarantee access to the summit or favorable conditions. The temperature can dip below freezing when at high elevations on the mountain. We sometimes encounter cold, wet, or muddy conditions. Due to the high altitude, this tour is not advised for those with respiratory, circulatory or heart conditions, pregnancy, or poor health. If you plan to scuba dive, do not plan to go to the summit within 24 hours after you dive due to the altitude. No children under 13. Other tour restrictions may apply – please contact us at 808.331.8505 for more information.

What to Bring & Wear:
The Waikoloa Dry forest can be hot, however the summit of Mauna Kea is quite cold, so we recommend dressing in layers. Please bring a reusable water bottle, sturdy closed-toe shoes, warm socks and/or leggings, long pants, and a sweatshirt or sweater.  Winter parkas and gloves are provided.




Gear Provided

Introducing the I‘iwi Fund

Proceeds from our activities and guest contributions support local Non-Profit conservation efforts.

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