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The Night is One- By Joe Hannan

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Diamonds, jewels, points of light

What makes the sky so different tonight?

Something has changed, pray not my sight.

No, nothing so wrong to cause me fright.


Is it the darkness, the void between the stars

The black abyss we see from a vantage so afar

A distant aura, a shutter felt by inner radar

That surfaces a feeling of where we are.


Time goes eons backward as I look through the glass

That magnifies light emitted long in our past.

Anxiety consumes me with life fleeting so fast

Our lives are a spark, a pulsar of trespass.


Galaxies, clusters, nebulas all come into view

Stars in the millions, gaseous clouds in azure hues

All the splendor I feel from this heavenly venue

Looking up that one evening I spent with you.

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by Joe Hannan  

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