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Conservation Congress- Take Aways


Peter: Interpretive Guide, 1 year with Hawaii Forest & Trail

Everything we care about, depends on our natural world.

Dan: General Manager, 1 year with Hawaii Forest & Trail


Rob: President, Co-Founder, 23 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

Our challenge is to find a path towards sustained coexistence of cultures and ecosystems –

Abridged from Edward O. Wilson

Maka: Interpretive Guide, 3 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“If you like to breathe…. You better listen up”- Dr Katherine Sullivan

Justin L.: Interpretive Guide, 4 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

When we create meaning in the natural world around us, we care about it and are therefore invested in taking care of it.

Bridget: Conservation & Community Coordinator, 2 years with HFT

Guide actions, not with fear, but with passion, hope and connection to place.

Small actions cumulatively make a big difference so think about the consequences of small choices you make

“Where is the wisdom we lost in knowledge. Where is the knowledge we’ve lost in technology”- TS Eliot

Cindy: Vice President, Co-Founder 23 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“Later is no longer a word in our vocabulary. Look for the little things you can do and begin there. Don’t give up.” – Quote from 1st high level session on Friday combined w/ Jane Goodall and others

Kim: Resource Manager, 17 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“The one word that describes this entire event. It’s just a small word, but it conveys the power of opportunity that we now share. It is simply hope.”- Dr Sylvia Earle

The other is not one sentence, but from the Actions for a Sustainable Ocean high level talk that had the greatest impact on me.

“When you become Navigator you become the light, and light is love. When you become Navigator it is your job, if there is conflict you resolve it. When you become Navigator, when you go to sea your job is to watch nature and protect it. When you’re Navigator, if there is a wounded seabird you care for it and take care of it. When you’re Navigator your island counts and you must take care of your island. When you’re Navigator, it is your job to take care of all of the community on the island.”- Nainoa Thompson on what Mau Piailug told him when he asked what it takes to become a Master Navigator.

Mateo: Interpretive Guide, 13 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

So many people, from so many places, with so much commitment to conservation, gives me so much inspiration to carry on the the work and share the message with others.

Katia: Interpretive Guide, 2 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“Later is no longer an option” – Tom Freedman

Christina: Interpretive Guide, 19 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“The true harvest of my life is intangible,

A little stardust caught,

A portion of the rainbow that I have clutched…”H.D. Thoreau

Garry: Interpretive Guide, 16 years with Hawaii Forest & Trail

“We must protect the natural world– the forests, deserts, oceans, skies — like our lives depend on it because they do.”  Sylvia Earle

“Golf is not nature.”

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